About Me


I was born and raised in East Helena, Montana and lived there until graduating from high school.  After graduation I enlisted into the US Coast Guard and moved to the SanFrancisco area. After a short tour of duty, Montana was calling me home, so returning was an easy decision to make.  I married my high school sweetheart Angela 38 years ago (right after graduating)  and so far she still tolerates me.  We have 4 adult children and 13 grandchildren.  (Yes we are very young grandparents!)


When I was a freshman in high school my mother bought me a Kodak 110 camera, the type with the flip flash on it.  That was when I realized I really liked taking pictures.  I have progressed since then to a little better equipment, and a lot more experience.   I feel that a good photographer doesn't have to have the best and most expensive equipment to create the perfect picture.  They need to have the ability to see what the picture is going to look like before they take it.  I could still be using that 110 camera if I wanted only because I can see a picture long before producing the end results.  Imagination, creativity and tenacity are some of the traits I feel is needed to be a good photographer.  Capturing a picture is like telling a story, freezing it in time and creating a memory that will last a lifetime. 


Working with my clients has been the most rewarding part of starting this business 10 years ago.  Couples that I've worked with on their weddings are now hiring me for their newborns, family and senior pictures.  Building a relationship with them from shooting their engagement pictures till now made me realize this isn't just a business anymore, its become the best way to add to my list of  friend and in many cases, family.  I customize everything to fit their needs and budgets as well as making sure the pictures I capture are documenting a lifetime of memories.  Hiring a photographer is more than paying a bill and getting a few pictures in return.  Its about caring about the people that have hired me to capture these special moments in their lives.